I first met Phil a few years ago when my husband was having problems with his pension. Phil agreed to sort out his pension and we were both so pleased how he managed to work out what needed to be done when others had failed that we trusted all our finances to him. Phil came to our house on a few evenings as I was still working, and we gave him our private information safe in the knowledge that he is professional.
I have now retired, and Phil helped me to do so, about 4 years early. He worked out our finances and we found that we could afford for me to do so. Phil explains everything he’s doing with our money in a way that I understand and never laughs at my ridiculous questions.
We chose Phil at the beginning because we’d been to other finance companies but none of them could help us.  We were getting worried that nobody could help us with my husband’s pension and then he appeared by magic. It was brilliant. He is never late for appointments and always gives us as much time as we need.  At the moment we have Zoom meetings and easy to read emails.
I like that Phil takes the time to explain all the options to me so I can understand what he means.  My husband has always believed that more people would save for their retirement if the whole world of pensions wasn’t so terribly complicated.  Phil has unravelled the mysteries for us and allowed us to take the decisions that have allowed us to retire in a degree of comfort that we were concerned that we wouldn’t have. I would recommend him and all of his colleagues at Ashley Phillips to anyone who doesn’t understand financial things, they are all such very approachable, friendly and knowledgeable people.

Mrs. B...

The firm of Ashley Phillips and in particular Phil Trevarrow were recommended to me by my existing financial adviser when he decided to retire. My particular needs were to consolidate a number of different company pensions into one SIPP pension, to seek out the best platform for my consolidated pension pot, provide ongoing management of the consolidated pension and provide me with a tax efficient pension arrangement when the time came for me to access my pension pot.
Phil has met all those needs in a professional and efficient manner. He has kept me informed of all developments despite face to face meetings being impossible during the current pandemic. I am very happy with the service Phil has provided to myself.

Mr. B...

I have been with Ashley Phillips since April 2018. My original financial adviser decided it was time to retire so he recommended me to Phillip Trevarrow at Ashley Phillips as they had been friends for many years. Since then, Phillip has made a few more investments for me which have performed very well. I am in a fortunate situation to be able to take on investments of a higher risk nature and have been very pleased so far with the outcome. I highly recommend the business as they provide a friendly and very efficient service.

Ms. H...

I first used Phil to sort out an issue around overpayment of tax – he had been recommended to me by Humberside Police Federation which gave me the encouragement to use him as I was confident that the Federation would only use/recommend someone who was trustworthy. This of course was extremely useful as I had no idea where to look or indeed trust for financial advice. A quandary that I think many of us face.
Phil soon sorted my tax problems out resulting in a back payment from the tax office which is always welcome. I was very impressed with Phil’s professionalism and attention to detail, so I asked him to undertake a review of my investments as they stood at that time. After an assessment of my needs and risk level he has successfully looked after my investments since, and I am extremely pleased with the outcomes so far and intend to stay with Phil and his firm for the foreseeable future.
Phil is clearly knowledgeable and has a high level of expertise, but importantly he is very patient – he takes the time to explain everything thoroughly and answer every question – even the stupid ones I always ask! Nothing is ever ‘rushed through’ and I have never been made to feel under pressure. Additionally, he always does what he says he is going to do and within the time scales he says he’s going to do it. His approach is friendly and reassuring and nothing is too much trouble. These qualities run through the ethos of the firm too.
I would strongly recommend Phil Trevarrow and his company to anyone who has an amount of money to invest and is looking for an effective, well informed and highly professional service to rely on. Anyone who needs dependable, friendly and effective investment advice should look no further.

Ms. O...

It has been a pleasure to have known Phil as my financial adviser for a few years now. I had been with my previous financial adviser for over 25 years who introduced me to you. I must admit I was initially uncertain about having a new adviser as I had a very smooth and satisfactory run with him. But as he was winding down, he felt you would be a suitable one for me.
I agree my initial concerns were soon put to bed ever since we first met. You have instilled a great amount of confidence in me with your very professional, courteous and soft but authoritative approach in your advice and problem solving. I feel your probity is very commendable, you sense my beliefs, ideas & suggestions quickly, and have given your unbiased, polite, professional and explanation. My wife and girls have always felt comfortable with your explanation and advice. Your communication skills are excellent, and you do take time in explaining to customers like myself. I confirm you have a wide knowledge and experience in dealing with any financial scenarios and I can confidently recommend to any of my colleagues and future customers who will receive a full benefit from you as financial adviser.

Dr. C...

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